Back when running Rastermania on a day-to-day basis and having to test a lot of PCBs and MVS carts form arcade operator raids, we have learned one thing... You need a good testing device for all these boards and carts.

One of the tools used for this is a Supergun, a small device which connects your arcade PCB to a TV or monitor and allows you to connect home-made or if you were lucky - neo geo or megadrive controllers to play the games.

Having seen, tested and used a multitude of Superguns we have always found to be something missing or something that could be improved.... We were thinking "Hey, we should do this... We should make a supergun thats made for 2019, not for 1995"

So that is exactly what we did.

Introducing the Kodai16 Supergun - A flexible and modular buildup allowing for a wide selection of game boards, controllers and audio/video outputs by design.


The following feature list is unconfirmed and can / will change without prior notice

  • JAMMA / JAMMA+ interface, selectable via software
  • Compatible with 6-button multi-game carts, configurable via software
  • Kick Harness interface, configurable via software
  • Analog VGA video output
  • Analog audio output via stereo mini-jack or RCA connectors
  • USB Controller interface
  • 20A 5V ATX power input
  • On board power supply for additional voltages
  • Short-circuit protection software to prevent bad boards from booting
  • USB Mass storage for firmware updates
  • Optional digital video / audio output

Preview image

Pcb Image Top Obfuscated Chips 500px.png